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Our Mission: Connecting People + Plants

Noma is part of a global movement of patients and practitioners adapting the ancient practices of herbal medicine to the needs of the 21st century. We are passionate about bringing the efficacy of Western science to the profound insights of traditional herbalism.

Delivering True Health

We create products in harmony with nature to help people achieve not only a new level of health, but also an unparalleled experience of vitality.

Healthspan Over Lifespan

Noma is for the vibrant, health conscious humans who believe the only day you grow old is the day you die. Rather than focusing on a long lifespan, we’re committed to increasing the healthspan (years of vitality) for all of our customers.

A Passion for Excellence

Noma’s commitment to excellence extends to everything we do: Cultivating the finest herbs. Innovating industry-defining extraction methods. Formulating products that are unrivaled in their strength and effectiveness. We believe exceptional practices yield exceptional results.

Origin Story

Noma was born out of the 20+ year friendship and collaboration between master herbalist Brad Macrae and entrepreneur Korvus Alexander. 

Noma encompasses Brad and Korvus's shared passion for unparalleled ingredient quality. We have relationships with local regenerative farms, and our heritage is rooted in the rich herbal history of Sonoma County. Our mission is to connect people with the potent plant allies that have been with us for thousands of years.

Good for People and the Planet

As a company, we think 100 years into the future and are always looking for ways to create resilient and compassionate supply chains. Our devotion to innovation means we’ll always be searching for better, cleaner, more ecologically friendly ways of making and delivering our products.