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How hemp oil helped me recover from a traumatic spinal injury

How hemp oil helped me recover from a traumatic spinal injury
If you had told me before my injury that CBD would change my life, I wouldn’t have believed you. But Noma Rise isn’t just any CBD product, it’s a real game changer.

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A few years ago, when I was bodysurfing on vacation, the biggest wall of water I'd ever seen swept me up high above the shore. Then thrashed me down to the ocean floor with unbelievable force.
The left side of my face took the first hit. My body folded over itself. I struggled to push myself back to the surface of the water.

Then everything went dark.

A group of surfers pulled me from the water. When they found me, I didn't have a pulse. By some miracle, a nurse happened to be walking by. After twenty minutes of CPR, the nurse brought me back to life.
On the trip to the hospital, the most intense pain of my life set in. When I arrived at the ICU, they pumped me to the brim with prednisone and more synthetic drugs than I could name. The doctors kept me on this regimen for days, but I didn’t get any better and my fingers swelled up like sausages.
Until the next miracle came through...
An herbalist friend happened to be heading to Puerto Vallarta on vacation, exactly where we were. When he heard about the accident, he packed a suitcase full of Noma Rise, his new CBD-based formula.
Almost immediately after taking the first dose, I started to feel better. Right away, I noticed a huge improvement in my condition.
The swelling went down substantially. A few days later, I regained mobility.
Within two weeks of my complicated spinal injury, I was walking again. Talk about miracle number three.
Nobody could believe it. Which makes sense because recovering from spinal trauma is often a long and arduous process. But my herbalist friend knew what herbs could do and I kept taking Noma Rise for the duration of my recovery.
The capsules even helped keep my pain to a minimum while recovering from spinal surgery!

The natural route to pain reduction...

It's difficult to imagine what my life (and body) would be like if I didn't take Noma Rise. Although I had a miraculous recovery, I still manage a high level of pain each day. Healing my body with this powerful herbal formula makes me feel nourished instead of depleted.
Part of the reason I stick with Noma Rise is that I don't want to pump my body full of synthetic medications. I don't want to be dependent on pharmaceuticals that act as a band aid instead of a solution. But Noma supports my health at the root, naturally reducing inflammation, while providing support to my nervous system, immunity, overall physical vitality, and mental wellness.

What makes Noma so effective?

I asked my herbalist friend how he knew that his formula would be able to help, even though I’d suffered such an intense injury.
He told me that as far back as 2003 a peer reviewed medical study on the effect of CBD on pain showed that "cannabinoids . . . act simultaneously on multiple pain targets within the peripheral and Central Nervous System." CBD has also been proven to dramatically decrease pain signaling in the body — and support the nervous system to regulate and heal. It can also reduce neural inflammation.
For some people, CBD and other cannabinoids can offer some relief, like they did for me. But Noma’s formulas are unique. Their extraction methods, purity standards, and dosage levels result in potent, effective blends.​​​​​​​

My Road to Recovery

Rehabilitating my nervous system has been really hard work. Although it's been a long road, I'm able to effectively manage pain with the help of Noma Rise. By far the most meaningful part of my recovery has been the ability to ride my bike again.
So many people who go through traumatic injuries like mine don't recover. Which is why I'm so excited to share how Noma helped me. I want more people to know about the power of Noma’s CBD botanical blends as a natural, healing alternative to addictive pain medications.
I asked my herbalist friend how he knew that his formula would be able to help, even though I’d suffered such an intense injury.

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