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5 Point Checklist To Make Sure You Buy The Right Hemp Supplements

5 Point Checklist To Make Sure You Buy The Right Hemp Supplements

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Feeling the full benefit of hemp oil is transformative. It can help you relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and ease anxiety. But not all CBD products are created equally.

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Here’s what to look for if you want to get the most out of your CBD:

1. Choose full-spectrum CBD.

Full-spectrum CBD contains the full range of beneficial compounds available in the whole plant. (More on this in point #3!)  
The hemp plant contains a myriad of beneficial phytochemicals including compounds called terpenes. Terpenes are what gives different hemp varietals their unique aroma and taste. The surprising thing is that they actually work synergistically with your body and CBD, amplifying its powers to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and ease anxiety.
This symphony of mutually supportive plant compounds is known as the entourage effect.
And unlike other CBD products on the market, Noma’s formulas are master crafted to include potent herbal complexes. The entourage of other botanicals blended into Noma Rise and Dusk formulas create profound synergies in the body and mind.  
When you use full-spectrum CBD, you’re getting CBD as nature intended.

2. Beware of CBD isolate.

CBD isolate products are those that only contain CBD. If you’re trying to avoid THC, this might sound good on the surface (don’t worry, Noma products contain less than 0.01%, way below the legal limit of 0.3%!). 
But CBD isolate doesn’t contain any other terpenes. Which means it doesn’t deliver the entourage effect. And without the full spectrum of beneficial plant compounds, CBD’s effects can fall flat. 
In fact, scientific studies point to the fact that full-spectrum CBD delivers stronger pain relief than CBD isolate. 

3. Processing matters

It’s true that full-spectrum CBD can contain the full range of beneficial plant compounds. But that’s true only if the CBD is processed carefully. 
Terpenes are sensitive and can be easily lost during processing. So even if a product is labeled “full-spectrum,” it may not contain the beneficial terpenes that lead to the entourage effect.
Look for products that use low-temperature CO2 extraction. Low-temp CO2 preserves the plant’s biologically active phytochemicals. That means you’re getting the true healing essence of the whole plant.

Read more about Noma’s cutting-edge extraction methods.

4. Pay attention to where your hemp comes from.

Knowing where and how a company’s hemp is grown is important. The quality, purity, and safety of CBD all depend on its source. 
Look for sustainably cultivated hemp, grown without chemical pesticides and fertilizers, to avoid exposing yourself to toxic ingredients. 
Noma’s careful sourcing is unparalleled on the market. Our signature, CBD-rich cannabis is grown locally in Sonoma County and harvested at peak potency. Learn more about the beyond-organic herbs in Noma’s formulas, all sustainably grown in Sonoma. 

5. Read the ingredients list.

Yes, CBD is important. But what it’s paired with affects the way your body absorbs and uses CBD too. That’s why Noma encases each capsule with MCT, olive oil, and cacao butter.  
And Noma’s proprietary herbal blends contain organic herbs that are specially formulated to add to the entourage effect of your CBD experience. 
Our daytime formula, Rise, helps you stay alert and focused while delivering a calm and relaxed state.
And our nighttime formula, Dusk, helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer without making you feel groggy in the morning.
Not all CBD products deliver on their promises. All the little details, from sourcing to blending, add up to big differences in how your body responds. 
Noma’s innovative practices set new standards for potency, purity, and bioavailability. Our cutting-edge methods for growing, extracting, and encapsulating bring you the full raw power of nature in its most active form.
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